FSMA Compliance

FDA's FSMA - Food Safety Modernization Act - MC VanKampen is Compliant!

check2As a carrier and transporter of food, MC VanKampen Trucking, Inc. has taken all necessary steps required and is compliant with the FDA's FSMA.

FSMA is a government sanctioned ruling that applies to shippers, carriers, and receivers handling the transportation of food products in the United States. The aim of this new rule is to further protect food from contamination from farm to table, therefore minimizing food borne illnesses such as listeria and E.coli. And MC VanKampen Trucking, Inc. will team with you to comply.

As a carrier, a party physically moving food by motor vehicle,we have developed and implemented written procedures for cleaning, sanitizing, and inspecting our equipment. We have also audited and inspected all of our vehicles and equipment and have deemed them in excellent and acceptable sanitary conditions. Our audits and inspections continously conclude that our refrigerated cold storage is properly working and set at the right temperature for the freight before loading (pre-cooled).

Because carriers are responsible for ensuring that their vehicles and equipment meet the shipper’s specifications for the particular shipment, MC VanKampen Trucking, Inc. is able to maintain the temperatures needed to keep food safe. Our written agrements with our customers holds the us, the carrier, responsible for sanitary conditions while the freight is in transit. To ensure this, we provide continuous and proper training to all persons handling the freight throughout its transportation. I.E. Drivers

To reamain constant and up to date, MC VanKampen Trucking, Inc. maintains records and proof of equipment cleaning for all cargo that has been on our equipment. And all training records are also be kept and available for twelve months. We have mandatory training for all our drivers. And, they carry a copy of their proof of training with them.

MC VanKampen Trucking, Inc. remains responsible for other aspects of FSMA as well. If we are alerted of any possibility that food cargo may have been contaminated due to unsanitary conditions or improperly maintained temperatures, all of our personnel are trained to take the appropriate action necessary to halt the distribution of the food for consumption. We responsibly keep and maintain all relevant records for each food shipment, which might include the bill of lading (BOL), the shipper’s shipping requirements, training records for carriers, and any other related documentation in the event that the FDA requests it.

If any of this information is unclear, or you have further questions, we encourage you to ask questions, and/or visit the FDA’s website and read the published ruling.

Questions about anything related to FSMA, please contact Ray Lohner at 616-724-3931 or email at rlohner@mcvankampen.com.