HelpDear Member of the Michigan Fastpitch community,

Your help is needed. Please read this whole article.

How’s Michigan Fastpitch working out for you and your players and teams? I hope it’s going well, and the website is a big help for you.

Michigan Fastpitch was created as 1) a way for players to find teams and teams to find players,  2) an online presence where everyone in our sportcan communicate with each other on various fastpitch related issues, 3) an educational organization and tool for players and parents to understand the college recruiting process, and 4) ultimately, an organization to promote the growth of our sport.

Since I took over, we have:

  1. Held round robin tournaments at colleges to promote girls to colleges, including actual commitments to those schools.
  2. Awarded scholarships for players to play on their respective club teams.
  3. Awarded scholarships for athletes to go to college combine camps

With the MLive youth softball forum ceasing to exist, www.michigan – became our only relevant place for information and communication. Michigan Fastpitch is now the ONLY place online where we can all communicate.

Consequently, the traffic on our website has been staggering, and created an extra burden for me to manage.

I’m asking for your help. Please consider donating to Michigan Fastpitch. Besides using the money to continue our scholarships and tournaments, I will need to “beef up” the site to ward off hacking attacks and keep the sight active. This will cost money.

Any donation is welcomed. We suggest $25. However, if you can afford to, more is certainly welcome.

Provided below is a PayPal button. To donate to Michigan Fastpitch, simply click on the button to be forwarded to the secure PayPal site.

If you have any difficulty using the PayPal button, click on, or copy and paste this link:​

Keep Michigan-Fastpitch alive. Donate today!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me directly.
Ray Lohner
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