What is Michigan-Fastpitch?

MIFPMichigan-Fastpitch is an association, dedicated to the growth of Fastpitch Softball in the state of Michigan and it borders of surrounding states. Having spent my childhood traveling the mitten state with my mom back in the early 70's, watching her, and some of the best players in the Midwest play, I fell in love with our sport.

In my love for our sport, and raising a daughter through it, I acquired Michigan-Fastpitch to provide a place to support the growth of Fastpitch Softball, by giving teams and players and families a place to connect.

This site is designed to 1) help players find teams, 2) help teams find players, 3) help both find tournaments, and 4) provide a friendly environment for discussion and Q&A about our Fastpitch Softball.

Michigan-Fastpitch is also an association's labor of love. Through our love for the sport, and with the spirit of growing our sport, Michigan-Fastpitch has also been a catalyst for helping athletes find college coaches and college opportunity, and a catalyst for helping college coaches find athletes. Through this venue, I have met many Michigan college coaches, many I call friend.

Michigan-Fastpitch has awarded numerous scholarships over the last few years for camps and for playing travel ball. This sport gave a lot to me, and we are happy to give back.

Please enjoy Michigan-Fastpitch.com. If I can ever be of service, please just ask...

Ray Lohner - President
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